The Archetype of Home- a Transpersonal Psychotherapy Workshop

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

The Archetype of Home holds immense power over our sense of selves and belonging. Exploring what ‘home’ truly means, helps us better understand our relationship to the world, our environment and others.

In this workshop, we explore the following themes:

• ‘Home’ as an archetype and how it drives meaning in our lives; psychologically, spiritually and practically.

• Our experiences of alienation, separation, disconnection, and isolation in relation to self, other and the wider world.

• Human responses to oppression and alienation.

• The interplay between the psychological, spiritual and practical dimensions of homesickness and homecoming.

We will discuss alienation, discrimination, separation and the practical challenges of living truly ‘at home’ in our environment, through the lens of transpersonal processes.

Interpersonal approach

Participants will gain deeper understanding of interpersonal approaches and greater compassion for self, others through the lens of ‘home’ as an archetype. We will consider this universal hunger and its impact on spontaneity and intimacy, both individually and collectively.

Intrapsychic processes

The Archetype of Home- a Transpersonal Psychotherapy Workshop is offered to therapists, counsellors and others in ‘helping professions’ and we look forward to rich, expansive engagement with intrapsychic, interpersonal and transpersonal processes.

Tutors: Geoff Hopping and Jane Tillier

Geoff Hopping is a Psychotherapist (with TA and psychoanalytic training and qualifications), Supervisor and Trainer with decades of experience working in mental health and psychotherapy settings. Latterly he worked in a high security prison as a Consultant Psychotherapist specialising in Group Work.  He has a passionate interest in spirituality and was ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 2021 after training with the One Spirit Foundation. Geoff held the role of a primary tutor at the Metanoia Institute from 1996 until 2019. He moved from London to Brighton and is a partner at The Link Centre.

Jane Tillier is a UKCP-registered Psychotherapist, having completed her MSc and CTA (P) in 2021 after five years of training at Metanoia. She has over 30 years of experience in offering warm, relational and inclusive soul-space to individuals and groups. Her experience is drawn from working in a wide variety of settings, such as healthcare (hospice, hospital and primary care), education (school and university) and church.  Jane enjoys exploring the interface between psychotherapy and spirituality with Geoff and others.

She has a small private practice in Staffordshire and began working as a Primary Tutor at Metanoia in 2022.

Course Delivery: This course will be held at Plumpton College over the 25th and 26th March 2023.