Physis, Intuition & Autonomy – (Reconnecting to Self, Others and the World)

26th October to 30th November 2020: 6 x 2.5 hour sessions (Monday 6.00pm to 8.30pm BST). Course Tutors: – Jane Tillier and Geoff Hopping.

The first of two 6-week on-line courses will explore and engage with the concepts of Physis (the life force in nature), Intuition (direct knowledge gained without reasoning) and Autonomy (the experience of true awareness, spontaneity and intimacy).

The common denominator throughout these themes is the ‘Self’ and it is our intention to engage with the Self through these lenses. This will be done by focussing on – and recognising – the core self at the heart of our being. We hope this course will introduce a model for being with ourselves, with other people and with the planet.

In each evening we will start with a short meditation, followed by an introduction to the theme and then we will explore this in and with the group through didactic input and unstructured group work. The unstructured group experience enables us to be present-centred and to embrace both uncertainty and the unknown in order to be truly intimate.

Many of us may have seen ‘coming out of script’ as a lifetime’s ‘work’. We want to demonstrate that ‘coming out of script’ can be intentional and achieved quickly (if not permanently). It is our hope that we will experience ‘out of script’ experiences in the group in a way that contributes to personal and professional development.

Themes: (Monday evenings : 6.00pm to 8.30pm BST)

26th October Week One: Introduction to each other and to the concepts.

2nd November Week Two: Grace. This week will account for the positive trajectory that that has brought us to where we are in our lives today.

9th November Week Three: Grit. This week we will explore those difficult experiences that have shaped our being, growth and learning opportunities.

16th November Week Four: Grief. The journey to loving the Self is probably only achieved through mourning. The Self has been obscured by layers of trauma and cultural conditioning, and the journey back to Self inevitably involves grieving and an understanding of our trauma.

23rd November Week Five: Gratitude. Part of the concept of Awareness is the capacity to express gratitude for the life we have. It is not fantasy nor something to be gained at the end of all our ‘work’ but an aliveness to be embraced right now.

30th November Week Six: Review of the process to emerge out of the first six weeks.

A Link Centre Certificate will be issued on completion of this course

Part 2

We will offer a follow on course of another 6 weeks commencing 4th January 2021 (same time slot except there will be one Tues slot of 19th Jan) which will be along similar lines although they may take on a more political dimension specifically addressing issues of Race and Culture, our treatment of the planet and the steps we can take to move forward to a life of integrity that reflects the true Self.


Being Together Retreat

16th – 20th November 2020

This year’s retreat has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Further details about our planned 2021 activities will be published later this year. Please contact Jane if you would like receive further information.