Retreats, Workshops and Online Events

  • Physis, Intuition & Autonomy – (Reconnecting to Self, Others and the World)
    Jane Tillier and Geoff Hopping offer the first of two six week on-line courses that will explore and engage with the concepts of Physis (the life force of nature), Intuition (direct knowledge gained without reasoning) and Autonomy (the experience of true awareness, spontaneity and intimacy). The first session will take place on 26th October 2020, 6.00pm BST.
  • Physis, Intuition and Autonomy: Reconnecting to Self Others and the World
    Thursday 9 July 2020 18:00 – 20:00 BST From a basis of Eric Berne’s key and enduring concept of physis (a fundamental life force or energy), we will encourage explorations of intuition and autonomy (as evidenced by awareness, spontaneity and intimacy). Our hope is that this will resource us individually and collectively, not only in […]
  • Being Together Retreat
    16th – 20th November 2020 This year’s retreat has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Further details about our planned 2021 activities will be published later this year. Please contact Jane if you would like receive further information.