Booking Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions including Booking Terms and Retreat Ground Rules

1           Introduction

1.1       Please read the following Terms and Conditions, including our Booking Terms and the Retreat Ground Rules. The Retreat Ground Rules are for your safety and to ensure that you, and the rest of the participants, gain the most from the Retreat.

1.2       If you have any questions before agreeing to proceed with your booking, please contact Jane Tiller or Geoff Hopping.

1.3       Other details are set out on our website:

1.4       References in these Terms and Conditions to “we”, “our” or “us” are in each case references to Jane Tiller and Geoff Hopping. References to “you” or “your” are to you, the participant of the Therapeutic Retreat at Launde Abbey from Monday 16th to Friday 20th November 2020 (the “Retreat”). These Terms and Conditions are the exclusive basis for the contract between you and us. No other terms or conditions, nor any amendment or addition to these Terms and Conditions will apply unless agreed by us in writing.

2           Applications to attend the retreat

2.1       Before you attend the Retreat, we will ask you to complete and sign an enrolment form and complete a short skype conversation with us. These steps helps us to confirm that all information provided to us is accurate and up to date, and to answer any questions you may have.

2.2       Please provide us with any dietary requirements, or any other special arrangements that you may require to enable you to attend the Retreat.

2.3       You may only attend the Retreat if these steps have been completed to our reasonable satisfaction.

2.4       If there are any changes to your personal, medical or therapeutic situation you must inform us as soon as reasonably possible. We retain the right to decide that you cannot attend the Retreat, or if the Retreat has started, that you must immediately leave. You agree to provide us with full contact details for two emergency contacts. We will only use these contacts if we have concerns for your well-being.

2.5       You agree that the Retreat, including all pre-arrival preparation, the Retreat itself and any post Retreat communication, is a private and personal experience for each participant. You agree to respect the confidentiality of all participants and their remarks and actions, and you agree to keep all information private and confidential. You agree that photography, video and sound recording are not permitted at the venue during the Retreat.

2.6       We will keep your information secure and confidential, and will only share that information with the venue, other participants and third parties as required to manage the Retreat or as otherwise required by law.

3           Booking terms

3.1       The fee for the Retreat is £695. The fee is inclusive of accommodation and meals from afternoon tea on Monday 16th November to lunch on Friday 20th November 2020. You are responsible for making your own travel arrangements to and from the Retreat.

3.2       All bookings are provisional until a deposit of £250 has been received by us and all pre-booking arrangements have been completed in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Once a booking has been accepted, then a legally binding contract will exist between you and us, and the remainder of the fee will be payable. Unless we agree otherwise, a second instalment of £250 must be paid to us by 1st August 2020, and the balance of £195 must be paid to us by 1st October 2020. We reserve the right to cancel your booking and/or charge interest if any payment is not paid when due.

3.3       If you wish to cancel your booking, you must inform us in writing. We will use our reasonable endeavours to try and find someone to take your place at the Retreat. If a replacement participant is found, we will refund the fees we have received from you less an administration fee of £50 within seven days of the start date of the Retreat. If we are unable to find an alternate participant, the full fee will be payable by you.

3.4       If we cancel the Retreat due to our illness or other unexpected circumstances, we will offer a refund of all fees received from you or an alternative date for the Retreat at no extra cost in full and final settlement of our liability to you.

3.5       We will not be liable to you for any damage or theft of any of your belongings you bring to the Retreat, except to the extent that the damage or theft arises from our negligence. We suggest you leave valuables at home.

3.6       We will take every reasonable precaution to ensure your security and safety at the Retreat, but we will not in any way be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you whatsoever in relation to the Retreat, save that nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall limit the liability of any person for death or personal injury caused by negligence, or for our fraudulent misrepresentation or any other liability for which it is unlawful for us to exclude or limit our liability.

3.7       Our total liability to you shall in all circumstances be limited to the fee paid by you for the Retreat and we shall not in any circumstances be liable to you for any consequential loss whatsoever.

4           Retreat ground rules

4.1       Each participant will be allocated their own bedroom with en-suite facilities at the Retreat venue. You may arrive at the venue between 3pm – 5pm on Monday 16th November, and depart after lunch but before 3pm on Friday 20th November 2020. Your bedroom will be available when you arrive, and must be vacated by 9.30am on the final day of the Retreat.

4.2       You agree to treat us, other Retreat participants, and venue staff with respect at all times throughout the Retreat. If you act in any way which in our reasonable opinion is likely to cause any harm or nuisance to any person at the Retreat, you will be required to leave the Retreat and you will not be entitled to a refund of your fee.

4.3       You must comply at all times with the health and safety policy of the venue. You must comply with all requests from us or the venue with regard to health and safety and failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave the Retreat (in which case no refund will be provided). You may not bring any equipment or items of a hazardous or dangerous nature to the Retreat. You will pay for any loss or damage you cause to the venue.

4.4       To benefit from the Retreat, it is essential that you participate in all of the group sessions during the Retreat.

4.5       We do not encourage you to leave the venue during the Retreat. If for any reason you need to leave, you agree to let us know. If at any time you feel unwell, please let us or a member of the venue staff know immediately.

4.6       You will pay for any additional refreshments or food you wish to purchase from the venue.

4.7       You may only consume food and drink supplied by the venue during the Retreat.

4.8       Pets are not allowed at the venue.